I got the most from your classes than any class I have taken! Thanks for… taking me on another journey to another realm,  your voice is so compelling and assuring that it is impossible not to be drawn along and in... Today showed me just how much I need to stay involved in yoga.

Robert M.




Zenergy Art - Paintings by Nancy Moelaert

Zenergy Art by Nancy Moelaert

12" x 16"


Zenergy Art by Nancy Moelaert

12" x 14" Thick Frame


Zenergy Art by Nancy Moelaert

10" x 20"


Zenergy Art by Nancy Moelaert



Yoga at Kye Bay - Comox, B.C.


I am happy to recommend Nancy as an intuitive, caring and balanced yoga instructor.  I have attended classes with Nancy since 2007 and have consistently found her to be very connected with the students and our collective yoga practise.   Nancy naturally assesses the mood and energy level of the class and then uses her vast repertoire of yoga positions to tailor each session to the students needs.

Dawn I.