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Shores of Serendipity Yoga Instructor Nancy Moelaert offers Kripalu Yoga Classes in Courtenay, Black Creek & Ocean Resort


Look Forward to another Nia and Yoga Workshop !

 At d'Esterre Comox Seniors Center 

“The Invitation” Nia and Yoga Workshop -  Monday, Sept. 30th 3 to 6 pm


Comox Seniors Center very own Ann Marie Lisch and Nancy Moelaert are teaming together to offer an informative and experiential workshop focusing on Emotions and the Breath!


There is a strong connection between the breath and emotions. The integration of body, mind, and spirit through the focus and movement of the breath allows us to free up emotional blockages.


More than "following the moves", these moments of Yoga and Nia will allow us to mindfully tune in to where our breath is ready to go deep, and where it might feel congested or cramped.  We'll greet it all with loving kindness, and move together to open to new experiences of breath in the body, creating space for the free flow of spirit.


Ann Marie has warm, loving, joyful, grounding energy that resonates through the room as she leads Nia. The very heart of Nia is Joy - Joyful movement for every body. With music and movement she creates magic in class that moves the heart and opens the mind.  Emotions have freedom to flow and release, and the body moves through moments of strength, flexibility, and grace.

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Nancy easily blends focused instructions on alignment with humor, effortlessly moves between group instruction and individual attention. The breath is the link connecting mind and body! The essence of practicing Yoga is to Breathe… Relax… Feel… Watch… and Allow to create an exploration between the body and the mind, invoking calm and cultivating concentration.



 Investment $40 GST Included

 Contact the Hall to register 250-337-5190

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From past Workshops or Retreats:


This course really has altered my path in a positive way. The meditations, knowledge and movements have shifted and brought a greater understanding to my healing process, my energy system and my breath. It has kindled a fire of awareness that is alive and moving. Exciting!


What an incredible, beautiful chakra exploration/ journey this has been.  I find the organic loosening of the body tensions and rediscovering meridians liberating. I feel more, I breathe better, I am able to integrate and move forward beyond any 'logical analysis' or 'common sense-disciplined-reasoning' that I could do.

Your workshop is balancing, integrating and uniting the mind, body and soul.
You're amazing!
Lorna H.


 I can only think of positive comments for the retreat.  The food, the music, the people, the exercises, the view, the activities, everything was quite wonderful and renewing.  I'd go again in a heart beat.  Your presence made the retreat a time to treasure. You definitely have a gift in yoga and communication. We love you.

Gillian V.


Many thanks for showing me kripalu. You have made a believer out of me. From the first mountain pose when you said "can you feel the prana?" I did! It was great! You have shown me that yoga IS for everyone. You gave me adaptations and modifications that worked and never made me feel excluded, I have accomplished things I was not sure that first night that I could. Your style and method of teaching have touched me physically, emotionally and spiritually both on and off the mat. I feel blessed to have found your class and I look forward to continuing my yoga journey.

May the new year be filled with Light, Love and Laughter.

Gale M.

I got SO much out of your class. I could feel my body change and open, which re-energized my whole being. I love how my breath continues to be so deep for days afterwards. You are an amazingly gifted teacher.
Carol S.